Judge ‘N’ Jury The Game of Trials and Tribulations


  • 100 trials on two 90 min. stereo cassettes.
  • Audio cassette player required
  • Best for adults
  • 2 to 4 players or teams
  • Playing time about 45 minutes.

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Judge ‘N’ Jury The Game of Trials and Tribulations:

Judge ‘N’ Jury The Game of Trials and Tribulations by Winning Moves. Welcome to the¬†Jury, where Murder, Mischief, Mayhem and everything else people do to one another create the dilemmas you’ll decide upon when you play Judge ‘N’ Jury.

Listen as our judges narrate 100 entertaining, professionally-produced audio trials. Each trial takes one-two minutes to hear. Then you decide, is the defendant Guilty or Not Guilty? If the Verdict matches the actual trial outcome, you score.

Oh! There’s one other¬†twist…Sometimes it will be you who stands accused, when a tribulation occurs!

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