Getting To Know You Better Board Game


  • Humorous, entertaining, positive and enjoyable!
  • Does not involve physical intimacy or embarrassing situations.
  • Great for couples of ANY age!
  • A thoughtful gift for weddings, showers, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays

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Getting To Know You Better Board Game:

Getting To Know You Better Board Game. What career or school risks have you taken that turned out to be successful? In what ways would you say you’re optimistic? What kind of music do you think I’d choose to create a romantic ambiance? While To Know You…Better is a game of delightful conversation, laughter, and sharing for two. The game does not involve physical intimacy and the cards are carefully written to avoid discussions that might be embarrassing or uncomfortable. Humorous and entertaining, the game is designed so that positive and enjoyable subjects are discussed.

Players begin by selecting a Prize from a wide range of choices, such as attending a sporting event of the winner’s choice, or a film of the winner’s choice. The first player to reach the end wins her/his prize, but by sharing the activity, both players actually win! Game comes with 210 cards, 1 game board, 1 die, 2 movers, 5 guess answer cards, directions, prize pad and selections. For 2 Players.

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