11” Musical LED Revolving Mantlepiece Village Christmas Decoration



  • Hand-painted, Hand-sculpted
  • Dimensions: 11.25″H 33″W 8.25″D.
  • Materials Resin/Stone Mix
  • Mantlepiece Village Revolving Train & Skaters
  • Plays various Christmas Songs

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Roman 11” Musical LED Revolving Mantlepiece Village Christmas Decoration:

Roman 11” Musical LED Revolving Mantlepiece Village Christmas Decoration. MUS 11″LED MANTLEPIECE VILLAGE REVLVNG TRAIN&SKATERS W/ADPTR. While this town set really does have it all. Also starting with the excellent quality sculpting, great design, all the buildings and people too! Therefore this is a beautiful village with a revolving train. Made from a durable resin stone mix. Therefore each figure is delicately hand crafted and painted with careful attention to detail. Plays various Christmas Songs.

Measures about 11.25″H 33″W 8.25″D.

Resin/Stone Mix

Item #: 130218

This is a beautiful collectors piece for people who collect nativity sets. Also would make a great gift for someone special for the holidays. Stop by and order yours today!

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Additional information

Weight20.27 lbs
Dimensions36.75 × 11.5 × 14.25 in

Roman Inc


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